Here you will find a brief selection of the questions I am commonly asked. If you have a question that you do not see here, feel free to e-mail me at and I'll see what I can do!

What is a Clicker?
A clicker is a small noise maker that serves many different purposes; a cue, an event marker, a bridge, a conditioned reinforcer. Basically, it is a distinct sound we train dogs to understand as meaning "you're doing the right thing and will be rewarded for it later."
How did you teach Dazzle all those tricks?
Well, that's a long story.  My training is based on a thorough understanding and applicaton of learning theory.  However, broadly speaking, I use the same general methods whenever I work with my dogs, and that method is positive reinforcement.
How often do you train your dogs?
100% of the time I am with them! Did you know that any time you interact with your dog, you are actually training him? But as far as dedicated training towards specific behavioural goals: we train in several small sessions a day, each no longer than 5 or 10 minutes in length.
Where did you get Dazzle and Kova?
I got Dazzle from a trainer and breeder of working Border Collies in Washington.  Kova is from a breeder of working Golden Retrievers in central Montana.
How old does my dog need to be before I start training him?
There is no age limit on dog training! Puppies can start learning behaviours as soon as their eyes and ears open.  Likewise, there is no age limit on training - old dogs can learn new tricks!
Where do you get the copyright free music for you videos?
I use music that is under varying Creative Commons licences for my videos. For more information on CC licences and where to find CC music, please visit
What agility trials do you go to?
During academic breaks we compete primarily in USDAA and ASCA events across Washigton, Oregon, and Idaho. We also occasionally compete in CPE, and used to trail extensively in NADAC prior to 2010.
What kind of camera do you use?
The majority of the time I shoot with a Canon 40D, but I have also used a variety of dSLRs as well as smaller "pocket cams."
Could you give me some training tips?
Yes and no. Giving training advice without having seen your dog is tricky. I am happy to answer most training question emails, but I strongly reccomend you find a trainer in your area.
Would you be interested in giving a demonstration at my event?
Most likely - yes! We often do volunteer presentations on dog training, responsible pet ownership, and tricks. The dogs have also done film work and have even performed at a child's birthday party! Just shoot me an email:
Should I get a Border Collie?
Perhaps. Always do your research before getting any kind dog. All working dogs in particular are very high energy dogs who need their owners to devote a lot of time to them.
My dog is not a Border Collie, do you think he can learn this stuff, too?
YES! Absolutely, any dog is capable of learning the behaviours that Dazzle knows. Just be patient and positive with your dog, and then the sky's the limit!
How long does it take to teach a trick?
That can vary a lot depending on the dog, the trainer, and the trick itself. Some tricks take just minutes for a dog to learn, while others take months or years to master.
How can I get my dog to be faster in agility?
Many things contribute to some dogs running faster than others. Age, experience, confidence, physical fitness, and how fast we have trained them to go by selectively rewarding different performances are all contributing factors to consider when working with your dog.
My dog is older, can he still learn tricks/agility?
Absolutely! Dogs are never too old to learn. In fact, using positive training methods can be a great way to bring out the puppy in your older dog!




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