I regularly foster dogs (and occasionally other critters!) for the Seattle Humane Society.

This page is a tribute to all of my previous foster cases. You can see photos of the dogs below - click on their names for more!


-- All of these pets have been adopted! --




May 2012


Officially named Ridley, this young Labrador Retriever boy had been in the shelter for a long time and needed to burn off some extra energy. He made an excellent running partner, and upon returning to the shelter he was quickly adopted!



The "Astronomically Cute" Litter

Stella with Pluto, Leo, Nova, Luna, Vega


December 2011


Stella, a 2 year old Cattle Dog mix, was the new mother of five fat, healthy 4 week old puppies. The puppies were scared of people, so I took the whole lot, named them under a space theme, socialized them, and raised them to 8 weeks!




Leo                                                                      Luna   



Nova                                                                         Pluto



Vega (with Leo)                                                           Stella       


The "Furry Four" Litter

Frodo, Ringo, Storm, and Summer


November 2011


The Furry Four are just one quarter of a litter that was born in a different foster home. A very pregnant dog was surrendered, and soon had 16 healthy pups! Once the puppies were old enough, they were sent to different foster homes to continue growing before going up for adoption.




Grown up and ready for adoption!



Frodo                             Summer                             Ringo                              Storm




June 2011


Daisy was my first Pit Bull foster (not counting itty bitty puppies!), and is among the nicest of them all. She had been on the adoption floor for months, and nobody showed interest in her. I gave her a quick break from the shelter and worked on her reaction to vacuum cleaners, and then she found her forever home!


Counterconditioning the vacuum with Daisy




Comet & Cupid


December 2010

An interesting mix of puppies. These two boys were inseparable, but could not have been more different! Cupid was a 6 month old Jack Russell Terrier mix, and Comet was a 7 week old German Shepherd mix. They were wonderful to have around during the Christmas season!


Happy Christmas from Comet, Cupid, Dazzle, and Peanut!








August 2010


Also called "Little Dude", this fuzzy guy was a young Chihuahua rescued from a hoarder. He was terrified of everything, and spent his first 6 days in the house hiding in a corner, never moving more than a foot in any direction. He didn't eat, and hardly drank. After a couple of months he found his confidence and loved to play games like hide and seek!






July 2010

Though he didn't act his age, Chip was a 6 year old Labrador Retriever, obsessed with water and tennis balls!




The Litter of Misfits

Brie, The Potato, Panda, and Savannah


May 2010


It all started with two under-age (anything younger than 8 weeks) Pit Bull mix puppies. I named them The Potato and Brie. Because it is vital for puppies this young to be with other puppies, when a "singleton" puppy came into the shelter a few days later, I got him as well. This black and white addition was named Panda. Then another few days later another singleton puppy came into the shelter, so I given her as well. She is the brindle Boxer mix, named Savannah. This mix and match litter became "The Litter of Misfits" and have quite the following both at the shelter and in the community!


The puppies:



      The two that started it all                                           Panda! Also called "Little Alien"



  Savannah                                                                         Puppy Pile



Potato is growing up!                                                           Panda's crazy ears   


Captain Jello


March 2010


Officially named Hudson (you see? Captain Jello is a way cooler name!), the staff gave me this perfect boy to make up for my previous foster, Brandy (see below). Jello participated in the largest annual fundraiser for the shelter, Tuxes & Tails!





December 2009


If you go to the SHS and ask any of the old staff about the Lab/Mastiff mix named Brandy, they will know exactly who you are talking about. This girl, who was about 3 years old, has quite the reputation. And it wasn't always a good one. Far and away, Brandy was the most difficult (and yet rewarding) dog I have ever worked with. She had double TPLO surgeries (think ACL reconstruction but for dogs) and had been confined in a small kennel for most of her life - probably as a result, she was not a normal dog. She would attack dogs, chew through anything in 5 seconds (leashes, towels, doors, walls...you name it), and mouth people to the point of serious bruising.


She had been in the system for months (which involved several short-term foster homes and intensive training programs) and was still deemed "unadoptable". The staff were running out of options for her. They asked if I would take her, and something possessed me to say yes. I had already been working with Brandy daily, so had some idea of what I was getting into.


While I fostered Brandy we had a "crate and rotate" household. Because the dogs could not interact without bloodshed they always had to be seperated. It was a crazy few months, but with patience and consistent positive training she made amazing progress. The end result: she was adopted by a wonderful soul who came to the shelter asking for "whichever dog nobody wants." This adopter has put a lot of work into Brandy, who is now on her tway to becoming a well-adjusted canine!


This video is of Brandy in the later stages of her self-control training; 180 degrees from where she started!






November 2009


Also known as "Mr. Dude", this crazy little rocket was a 5 month old Miniature Pinscher puppy. He was in foster care to recover from leg surgery. Keeping him calm was no easy task!





October 2009


Toni, a mature Pomeranian, was in foster care for socialization and to recover from having several teeth pulled. At the beginning of her stay she was terrified of people, but after a little TLC she turned into a spunky little goofball!






August 2009


Officially named Bronson at the shelter, this girl still holds the record for being my biggest foster dog (despite her being underweight)! The adoption floor kennels at the shelter are not exactly sized for Great Danes, so I kept this sweet lady until she found her forever home.





June 2009


After volunteering all day and night to help with the intake of 90 American Eskimo Dogs taken from a large puppy mill in Kennewick, WA, I took home this little 6 month old girl to foster. You can read more about the rescue here: Puppy Mill Rescue. Kappa had all sorts of quirks, as did many of these dogs, but she was a lucky one and turned into a great dog!






February 2009


Officially named "Buttercup" by the shelter, Bu was my first foster dog. She was 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier from a large puppy mill raid in Washington. Despite her past, she was extremely well adjusted, outgoing, and friendly!




Roo & Amber


December 2008

Amber (fawn), and Roo (brindle/white) were a super sweet pair of bunnies!



Chatterbox & Prancer


April 2008

Chatterbox and Prancer, a pair of unsocialized chinchillas with a bad habbit of "fur chewing" due to stress at the shelter.




March 2008

Lyla-Bunny, my first rabbit!

Stephen & Alec


May 2007

Also known as "The Ratty Boys", these little guys were my first fosters!




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