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Agility photos are available on the web store here:

FIRST Robotics photos can be found through contacts at FIRST WA.




I focus my photography on dog sports and robotics events around the pacific northwest. Agility, obedience, rally, disc, conformation, and robotics competitions all fall under that category. I occasionaly add in some studio or candid pet portraits, but most of that is done on my own time, often with shelter dogs.


As part of my photography, I highly value the art of post-production processing; including everything from simple touch-ups to full-on digital design and photo manipulation in Photoshop. To me, digital photography is an art that can go far beyond simply freezing a moment in time.


Photo Use
I am happy to give permission for the use of my photos in collaberative works or for promotional use, but please note that written permission is required. If you are interested in using my photos, please send me an email and I would be happy to discuss options with you.




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