Two research projects are currently in progress:



Agility Dog Toe Problems & Amputations:


If you have an agility dog that has ever experienced any type of toe problem or injury then you are probably eligible to participate in this study. We are hoping to characterize the most common toe problems in agility dogs as well as identify potential risk factors for on-course injuries. We are also analyzing dogs' return to athletic performance after digit amputation.


Participating dogs will not be examined as part of the study.  All agility dogs are eligible, regardless of whether the injury/problem occurred during agility or whether the dog returned to agility after recovery.  All types of toe problems (injury, infection, disease, tumor, etc.) are eligible.


For more information, please visit our webpage here:

Clinical Studies at the College of Veterinary Medicine





Canine Learning Project:


I am investigating the abstract problem-solving and learning abilities of domestic dogs using touch screens. Topics include visual discriminations, reversals, conditional discriminations, visual MTS, and stimulus equivalence. This research began as my undergraduate senior Honors thesis project.


Department of Psychology at WSU

Program in Neuroscience at WSU




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